AmbiVault is hyper-secure storage that helps you to manage digital assets and protect them from any tampering or external theft. 


AmbiVault is based on the smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain that defines the following multi-sig rules: 

Multiple parties must sign off in order to execute each operation. These parties can be anyone who you trust to act faithfully on your behalf. By requiring multiple signatures, AmbiVault provides your digital assets with the most advanced security possible. 

This also means that every AmbiVault operation is logged in the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be changed. 


  • Hyper-secure digital asset storage. 
  • A platform allowing to manage your digital assets. 
  • ERC20 token issuance platform. 

AmbiVault security features 

  • Multi-sig confirmation for every operation. 
  • Two-factor authentication. 
  • Driven by smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Private keys are stored in encrypted containers and cannot be decrypted on the server side.
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