To start with AmbiVault product, complete the following steps: 

  1. Сreate your Ambisafe account at
  2. Enter your payment information. At this stage, you will not be billed.
  3. Create AmbiVault account.
    On your left-side menu select AmbiVault from the menu and fill out the registration form.
  4. Add users to your organization.
    Go to “Users” page from the menu on the left. People you have invited will receive emails with further instructions. Those people who accepted your invitation become active users and appear on the list of your Team page. They can view your AmbiVault organization and see the details of all the transactions that take place. 
  5. Configure your multi-sig structure. Set up co-signers and required number of signatures.
    5.1. Out of these users, you may select those who you want to be co-signers – people who have a right to confirm transactions. Promotion to co-signers is a transaction, which is required to be signed. So to promote user to a co-signer role, you’ll need to sign this transaction entering your password.
    5.2. After that you can manage the number of signatures required for the confirmation of any transaction. Go to your “Dashboard”. On the right, you will see possible co-signers and the current number of signatures needed. Here, you can set up your multiple signatory requirements.


    There is NO password recovery for AmbiVault. We will NOT be able to recover your account if you forget your password. Why is that important?
    You have 3 co-signers. You have set that you need 2 signatures out of 3 to complete any transaction. At this point, you find out that 2 out of 3 signers have lost their passwords.
    Result. Control over your token is lost forever. We won't be able to help.
    Please, note this while setting up your multi-sig.
  6. Check your Ambisafe repository address.
    In the upper part of the Dashboard, you will also see “Storage address”. It’s your Ambisafe smart contract address, in other words – the address of your multi-sig repository. Before you perform real transactions, test your configuration on any new cryptocurrency application (DAPP) and make sure everything works correctly. Hence, you should send your first set of coins for your currency to your Ambisafe repository address. 

Now, you have everything arranged and tested, and you are ready to use your multi-sig repository!

If you have any difficulties with set up process – don’t hesitate to contact our team ([email protected]).

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