The problem

AmbiVault uses smart contracts to store Ether, ERC-20 tokens and security rules enforcement logic. The code of our smart contracts and transfer logic follows and defines best practices of the Ethereum network. However, some cryptocurrency exchanges still have outdated transaction handling mechanisms and did not implement support of internal transactions from smart contracts (technical details: ETH and ERC20). This leads to deposit issues when you transfer tokens to one of these services from AmbiVault. At some of the exchanges, you can't see the incoming transfer, though you can see increased address balance in blockchain explorer.

This happens because when withdraw is done, the smart contract does several internal function calls. The token transfer occurs, but it gets ignored by interfaces of some exchanges.

From our side, we recommend to transfer tokens first to an Ethereum address (like your wallet) and then to deposit address of exchange. Also you can ask exchange support to implement correct ETH and ERC-20 token handling as described in articles:

Ethereum Panning. Part I. Accepting ETH
Ethereum Panning. Part II. Accepting ERC20 Tokens


Blacklist of exchanges, that do NOT work fine with deposits from AmbiVault:


Whitelist of exchanges, that do work fine with deposits done from AmbiVault: 

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