AmbiVault recently received a feature update. You may now add any ERC20 tokens to your wallets without any assistance.

It used to be our support team that had to add other tokens by special request. Our developers would then manually import the desired tokens to AmbiVault. This was a long and unintuitive process.

Now, you may add these tokens yourself. The process is instant!

  1. In the upper part of the Dashboard, you will also see “Storage address”. It’s your Ambisafe smart contract address, in other words – the address of your multi-sig repository.
  2. Send tokens to your storage address. You can find the address in your AmbiVault Dashboard.
  3. Wait until the transaction is mined. You may check your transaction status at etherscan
  4. Click the 'Update' icon to refresh the list of tokens available in your account.
  5. Your ERC20 tokens are added to your AmbiVault account. You can check the status through your AmbiVault Dashboard

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