CryptoWallet maintenance and version upgrade policy


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

All white-label token sale platform (CryptoWallet) installations of version 3.0 and later have the following maintenance and/or support options:

I. Subscribe for upgrade-only plans:

  1. One-time upgrade to the next major version upon client’s request, including all minor updates between the major versions: $1,000 per major version.
  2. Upgrades delivered to client’s server within 7 days of each version release, including all minor updates between the major versions: $10,000 per year.

We use a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH numbering system common for software development (read more). MAJOR versions include incompatible API changes, MINOR versions add functionality in a backward-compatible manner, and PATCH versions are for backward-compatible bug fixes. MAJOR updates are released once in a quarter and MINOR updates every 1-2 month.

II. Purchase a Medium, Enterprise or Custom Technical and Customer Support plan, as described here.

III. Opt-out of upgrades. 

Your white-label CryptoWallet will not be maintained by Ambisafe. We cannot offer further support once any 3rd party does changes to source code or deployed server instance because this could affect product stability and security. Ambisafe shall not be accountable for any risks associated with opting out of Ambisafe upgrades or engaging in 3rd party changes to the source code.

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