CryptoWallet v.3.4.0: release notes


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

CryptoWallet White-label Token Sale Platform v.3.4.0 is released. The version includes:

Security upgrades

1. All the following actions are logged:

  • Admin users login;
  • Admin session expire events;
  • Admin access rights assignment;
  • configuration changes;
  • wire transfer status changes;
  • any CSV exports;
  • manual KYC approvals.

This adds transparency and allows CryptoWallet administrators to audit all the changes happening to the token sale platform instance.

2. We are also deploying the following updates designed to offer an extra security layer for your instance:

  • Users with Admin rights receive an email notification when any user is granted Admin rights.
  • Once Admin rights are granted, the new administrator can sign into admin panel only after 24 hours.
  • An initial Superuser created on the first setup is automatically blocked as soon as the minimum of two users are granted Admin rights.
  • Admin user sessions expire after 1 hour of inactivity.


  1. Improved the filters on the 'Transaction log' page allows to easily find any required transaction.
  2. Link to the Dashboard after successful KYC is displayed in all browsers. Now you can be sure that new contributors would not get lost after they passed the KYC and can purchase tokens right away.
  3. After the token sale end date, users can trade their utility tokens on the secondary market. Users can access the trading platform with the tokens listed via a link, embedded into the ‘Contribute’ block.
  4. Minor interface and notification improvements added for better user experience. 
  5. Some small bugs have been fixed.

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