CryptoWallet Server Requirements


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

Backend server

OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04

CPU: 2 cores of modern server x86 CPU (similar to Amazon t2.medium or Google Cloud n1-standard-2 instance)


Storage: 30+Gb SSD recommended

GPU: No GPUs or other specific hardware is required

Network: Gigabit Ethernet connection

Database Server

Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL with cross-region automatic backups (or similar setup).

Database mirroring is strongly recommended.

Minimum database space: 10Gb


Since the servers host cryptocurrency software, they require the highest level of security you can afford.

We recommend employing a dedicated DevOps engineer (whom you can trust as much as your accountant or lawyer) who will set up a secure environment. This environment should:

  • Include forced SSH public key authentication (RSA 4096 or Ed25519 keys are recommended)
  • Have a firewall that allows access-only ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) of the Backend server
  • Run the Database Server instance in a protected virtual network, which only Backend Server can access
  • Pass a security audit
  • Have IDS (Intrusion Detection System) installed
  • Have proper cloud/hosting account set up
  • Store all access credentials inside a secure encrypted storage (like 1password for Teams)

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