After we greeted you on board, the logical question would be — what to do next? What do I need to do first after registering on Orderbook?

Here is a checklist of actions you need to take to finish onboarding:

  1. Email confirmation. You need to confirm your account. You will get confirmation code via email. If you don’t see the letter with the code, please check your spam folder.
  2. Account protection. We enable 2FA on your account by default. If you forget your password and initiate password recovery process, we will send confirmation code to you by sms. Note that we won’t be able to help you in restoring access to your account unless you attach your phone number. All your assets will be lost.
  3. Identity verification. Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification is obligatory for performing financial operations at Orderbook. Here you can find detailed explanation why identity verification is essential for our platform.
  4. Accredited investor status confirmation (if needed). For some countries and some tokens you need to be verified as an accredited investor. Information about how to confirm your accredited investor status can be found here and here.

Our Help Center will provide you comprehensive guidelines for every matter. Contact our support team [email protected] if you have any questions or if you want to give us feedback.