Welcome to Orderbook — a smart contract-based trading platform. We also help projects raise money by launching public and private token sales. Orderbook has many unique features for you to explore. Let's take a look at a few!

1. Trading of cryptocurrency and tokens.

On Orderbook, trading with others is easy. You simply need to create a buy or sell order through one of our many markets. You can read more on how to do this in our short trading guide.

We require all platform users to verify their identity. This helps to prevent criminals (and those who support criminal actions) from joining our service.

Orderbook allows you to hold and trade regulated security tokens. For this reason, we require users to adhere to high compliance standards. Security tokens have a number of unique benefits. They can provide a profit share, hold Blockchain-issued shares, and receive dividends.

2. Compliant ICO platform.

This complements the functionality of common Blockchain exchanges.

3. Secure multi-currency wallet.

Smart contracts are at the core of Orderbook's technology. They are used to implement all user trading. Orderbook is the interface used to manage these contracts. More on that here.

Orderbook's smart contract architecture lets you to hold different assets. Some examples include: BTC, ETH, USD, and any listed Erc–20 token.