What is a CryptoWallet?


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

What we offer

A secure multi-sig cryptocurrency wallet website that is ready to be up and running after deployment to your Amazon Web Services account and minimal configuration.

The wallet can be used as:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet. It allows to store, exchange, send, receive funds, and review your transactions history.
  • An ICO platform. It allows to receive ICO investments, distribute tokens, and permits to securely store them after distribution.
  • A Point-of-Sale platform. It allows to accept payments with tokens using ETokenD, as well as store, send, and receive tokens securely.
  • A Registry Framework. It allows to add, modify data on a blockchain and accept tokens as a payment.

The wallet application has been created using Python and Django. Ambisafe Software also offers branding, customization, and secure server configuration services for an additional fee.

A full list of CryptoWallet features can be found under CryptoWallet Features.


The wallet requires following dependencies to function correctly:

  • Amazon Web Services account to set up required services.
  • Supernode SaaS subscription to communicate with Ethereum blockchain.
  • Keystore SaaS subscription for storing the encrypted Ethereum account containers with the highest reliability. If these containers are corrupted or lost, it can result in the user losing control over all of their assets.
  • Keyserver SaaS subscription to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
  • EtherSweeper to accept ETH and ShapeShift payments.

Read further

Full API documentation – http://web3-wallet-docs.ambisafe.co

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