About Orderbook

1. What is Orderbook?

Orderbook is a smart contract-based platform for ICOs and trading. Often, users will want to perform trading operations. To do this, user contracts send funds to a smart contract used to purchase tokens. Orderbook is an easy to use UI that executes these transactions.

2. What are the differences between Orderbook and wallets / stock exchanges?

Most wallets can store only one currency. Orderbook lets users to store many different currencies on one address. Users can also use their funds to trade on Orderbook. Our service does not store funds in a pool. Instead, funds are kept on your smart contract. We assign users a unique user contract when they sign up. Users can sign up on our website, or through the Orderbook widget.

3. What personal information does Orderbook collect?

Orderbook collects identity info from our users at registration. This includes name, email address, phone number, and other required data. At registration, we collect:

1. Name (first and last)

2. Email address

3. A password, created by the user for login purposes

Orderbook.io uses this information for two-factor authentication. We use the users provided email to send them an activation code. This is required to perform actions on the site.