Identity verification & Accreditation


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

1. Do markets, widgets and deposits require verification? Do I have to go through it?

Yes, we have implemented identity verification process on our platform. To use the full functionality of our site, you need to go through the process of identification. More on why identity verification is important you can find here.

2. I filled out my details. Now I see the status is PENDING. What should I do next?

It means that your documents are currently being processed by our verification provider. The waiting time is 30-90 minutes. When your documents are processed, refresh the page and your status will change.

3. My verification status is INCORRECT. What should I do next?

Unfortunately, your verification was unsuccessful. Please contact our support team for details. The support team will coordinate your next steps.

4. I see a message that my verification attempts limit is reached. What should I do?

Please contact support using [email protected] or via chat window on our website.

5. I passed the verification successfully, but on the trade page I still see a message that I have to go through it. What to do?

Please make sure that you have been verified successfully. If so, refresh the page. Please note that you may be in a forbidden country. If the problem persists after updating the page and you are convinced that you have been verified successfully, please contact support for details.

6. I have successfully passed verification, but I am also required to pass accreditation. What is it?

Additional documents are required for your country. Learn more about what accreditation is and why we ask our users to go through this process here. Guidance on accreditation process steps can be found here.

7. How long does the verification of documents for accreditation last?

Сhecking takes from one to three working days. You will receive an email when your documents are checked.

8. I haven't been accredited. What should I do?

Please contact [email protected] for details. The support team will coordinate your next steps.

9. I was accredited successfully, but I can still upload documents. What should I do?

At this stage, you do not need to provide us with any additional documents. Congratulations, now you can use all the functionality of our platform!

10. Accreditation tab is not working when I’m clicking on it. What is wrong?

This tab will become active after you pass identity verification in case accreditation is necessary for your country.

11. Why don't I see the accreditation tab?

It will show up in case you pass identity verification with the documents of the country for which accreditation is also required. Else you don't need to provide accreditation.

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