Where is my withdrawal?


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

I've transferred my funds out of Orderbook, but they haven't arrived.

To check your withdrawal:

  • Verify that you have sent your funds to the appropriate service. The service must support transactions executed from your smart contract. More on this issue in this article.
  • Check your mail. You should find a withdrawal confirmation letter. Carefully check the recipient address to avoid false withdrawals.
  • Go to the balance page and check the history of the asset you’ve withdrawn. You may see a pending outgoing transaction. Please stay on the site till the withdrawal has finished.
  • If there is no pending withdrawal in the history, contact support.
  • Please recheck the recipient address for incoming internal transactions. You can do this using https://etherscan.io.
  • If you are still having difficulties, please contact our support team.

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