CryptoWallet Features Overview


By Andrii Zamovsky

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Users can use light, quick, and adaptive UI of our CryptoWallet on other devices (including mobile).

Backups of wallet are available.

Sign up

Apart from filling the form with general personal data, the user is also required to verify his email and mobile phone number.

An admin has access to the full information about users and may manage their personal data. Also, the option of adding a user to the black list is available. Such users cannot log in to CryptoWallet and mobile app anymore.

Log in

A combination of email and password is used to log in. The user may also switch on the option of advanced protection. In this case, CryptoWallet will require 2-factor authentication (2FA) when a user logs in from a new device or IP address.

Password (account) recovery

Password recovery is protected with 2FA which is processed by the third-party service ( for an additional fee. 2FA confirmation is available through both SMS and a phone call. The voice prompts and the message content can be configured in SecondFactor control panel. Instructions for registration at SecondFactor (PDF).

Assets storage

The user can see the current account balance and see the updates according to incoming/outgoing transactions.

Transaction history

Both incoming and outgoing transactions are displayed on the transactions history page. The user can see all the details of transaction and links to them in the Blockchain explorer.

The admin can also see the full list of transactions in the admin tool.

Transaction history requires Ambisafe Notificator SaaS subscription to function correctly.

Send assets

There are two ways of sending money, available to users:

  • to Ethereum address
  • to ICAP, when the recipient is an endpoint inside some organization

For example, let’s say your website is a trading market and it needs to receive/store deposits of your customers. In this case, you need an easy solution to identify each recipient inside the system without creating complicated workarounds. The ICAP address assigned to each user helps here.

ICAP address generation

First of all, we register the ICAP currency and the organization names for you. Then you create a unique ID for each user and ask the user to make a deposit on the ICAP address you got.

For example:

  • the ICAP currency name is ‘EX’
  • ICAP company name is ‘COMP’
  • the user ID is ‘ID0002120’

    Hence, the ICAP address would be EXCOMPID0002120.

Receive assets

Each user gets a unique wallet address which may be used to receive incoming transactions. Also, it is possible to display the ICAP address.

Account settings

The users can see and edit their personal information, submitted during the registration (for example, change the account phone number). Also, they can switch on an advanced security option which adds extra security to the user’s account and enable sending limits enforced by OTP.

An additional security feature is the Session log. Owing to this option, the user can always see in the history which devices have been used to log in to his account.

Admin tools

  • The admin has access to the users' personal data and can manage it
  • A black list is available
  • The admin has access to a full list of transactions
  • The admin can manage exchange settings
  • There is an exchange orders overview
  • Wire transfer management module
  • Multi language support

Merchant tools

Give your users documentation and tools to integrate payments in your currencies with their website. This module is purchased separately.

Wire transfers

Give your users ability to acquire and redeem tokens using bank transfers with KYC compliance (USD, EUR, and most popular FIAT currencies). This module is purchased separately.

ICO features


CryptoWallet can be equipped with a system of bonuses. We can set up the calculation of bonuses by time and by amount.

Referral program

It is possible to set up a referral program for users.

KYC Integration

Items that can be implemented as an additional feature:


Possibility to buy and sell tokens for Bitcoin according to the pre-set rate.

The admin can manage the currency rate (currency price is measured in USD) and the pool address which will collect coins received in during the exchange.

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