User needs to confirm Qualified Investor status to purchase security tokens.


A party is defined as an Accredited Investor if it is classified as at least one of the following:

  1. An authorized mutual fund as defined in the Joint Investment Trust Law, 5754-1994 or a company managing such a fund
  2. A provident fund as defined by Regulation of Financial Services Law 5765-2005, or a company that manages such provident funds,
  3. An insurer as defined by the Supervision of Insurance Business Law, 5741-1981,
  4. A banking corporation or an auxiliary corporation, as defined in the Banking (Licensing) Law, 5741-1981 – with the exception of joint services companies – purchasing [securities] on their own behalf or on behalf of investor clients who fall within the categories listed in section 15A(b) in the Law,
  5. A license holder or portfolio manager or investment adviser under the Regulation of Investment Advising, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 5755-1995, who are purchasing securities for their own account,
  6. A member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange,
  7. An underwriter qualified in accordance with Section 56(c) of the Securities Law,
  8. A venture capital fund, for these purposes a “venture capital fund” means a corporation primarily engaged in investments in other corporations which are engaged, at the time of the investment, in research and development or in the production of innovative or high technology products or processes, and where the risk of such investment is typically higher than the risk involved in other investments
  9. A corporation (including a fund, partnership) other than a corporation which was incorporated for the purpose of purchasing securities in a specific offer, with equity exceeding 50 million NIS; in this paragraph, the term “equity” – includes the definition given to that term by foreign accounting rules, international accounting standards, and accepted accounting principles in the U.S.,
  10. A corporation which is wholly owned by one of the aforementioned investors,
  11. A corporation incorporated outside of Israel whose activity has characteristics similar to one of the aforementioned corporations.
  12. An Individual who satisfies two of the following conditions:
  • The aggregate value of the liquid assets owned by the individual exceeds NIS 8 million;
  • The Individuals income during each of the last two years exceeds NIS 1.2 million, or the height of the income of the family unit of which he/she is a member exceeds NIS 1.8 million;
  • The aggregate value of the liquid assets owned by him exceeds NIS 5 million and his income during each of the last two years exceeds NIS 600,000, or the height of the income of the family unit of which he is a member exceeds NIS 900,000

Document requirements

Any documents showing that the User meets the requirements.