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Broadcaster is a service helping to broadcast transactions in the Ethereum network in the fastest & cheapest possible way.


Broadcaster adjusts the gas price to the current Ethereum network load to assure your transactions
are mined without delays and for the convenient price.

Save ETH on mining fees. No more pending transactions blocking your business.


  • Decreasing the gas spent on mining fees up to 4,5 times.
  • Assuring the transactions are mined in the Ethereum blockchain even under high network loads.
  • Checking whether a transaction is still in the Ethereum network—sometimes Ethereum nodes drop or miss transactions—and resubmitting it if needed.

The gas prices and the transaction pending time could be customized.

How it works

  1. A user creates a transaction, signs it multiple times with different gas prices (network fee), and submits it to the Broadcaster.
  2. Broadcaster sends the transaction with lowest pre-set fee and awaits the pre-set time (5 minutes by default, but could be changed) for the transaction to be mined. If the transaction is not mined, the Broadcaster replaces it with the new one with a higher fee.
  3. Once the transaction is mined, the Broadcaster sends an HTTP callback to the client's application with an actual transaction hash of the mined transaction and all other details.


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