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Keyserver extends Bitcoin node functionality with most required functions, such as multi-sig address support, HTTP callback notifications on deposits, single-use invoice addresses, different security schemas with client- and server-side keys. 


Keyserver allows to generate Bitcoin addresses and receive alerts about all deposits and withdrawals. It can be accessed using libraries in Python, Ruby and PHP.

Keyserver also submits Bitcoin transactions to the Blockchain. Supports both regular and multi-sig addresses.


Some of the Keyserver's most valuable features include:

  • Multi-sig accounts for Bitcoin, Omnilayer (USD₮, EUR₮ et al.), and Ethereum (currencies based on smart contracts)
  • Flexible security schemes: you can have multiple account types with varying security levels within one application
  • Precise calculation of transaction fees

High Level Architecture Overview

Keyserver consists of the following components: 

  • Java application with API
  • A database 
  • An admin area
  • SDKs for various languages 

All those components are bundled within virtual machine image that you can launch and enjoy.


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