Accessing your account using a private key backup


By Oleh Vasylenko

updated 3 months ago


Ambisafe does not hold custody over your cryptocurrency assets in blockchain. During registration you would get an email with an encrypted copy of the private key for your account. It can be decrypted only using your password by you, people, or websites you share your password with.

Important: Never share your private key or your password with anyone you don't trust your assets. Never re-use the same password on other websites. Otherwise, you will lose an access to your account and all assets you control.

We want to ensure that you retain full control, ownership, and access to your holdings 24/7/365. To provide you with a way to access Ether and ERC-20 tokens at your address we are committed to running the website, which allows to decrypt the private key backup and withdraw assets from your account even if original service developed by Ambisafe becomes inaccessible.

Access Recovery Process

Please perform following steps:

  1. Install MetaMask extension into your browser (a 3rd party open source software, not affiliated with Ambisafe) and create a new MetaMask account, you will need it to communicate with Ethereum blockchain directly.
  2. Open website.
  3. Allow the website to connect to your MetaMask account. Make sure this account has enough Ether to submit outgoing transactions.
  4. Copy the encrypted private key from backup and paste it into text area.
  5. Enter the original password for your AmbiVault account.
  6. Press DECRYPT button.
  7. Decryption will happen on your device and you will be presented with your Address, Private Key and Public Key if the password is correct. There's no way to proceed without providing a valid encryption password.

At this point you should be able to use any other software to import your private key and send transactions in Ethereum blockchain from your address.

Additional Functions for AmbiVault users

AmbiVault users may follow next steps to perform operations with their organization's vault:

  1. Paste your organization vault address into the input and press VERIFY button.
  2. You may input Custom operation data and send the transaction using SEND button.
  3. You may select one of the tokens in vault, input Destination address and transfer them from the vault using RECOVER button.

This process will need to be repeated with exactly same parameters (Organization vault address, Custom operation data, Destination address) by each co-signer of the organization to provide a required number of signatures that was configures for this vault.

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