Wire Transfer Contributions


By Andrii Zamovsky

updated over 2 years ago

Pre-requisites: A Client should fill the bank account info in Admin Dashboard

  1. A Contributor creates an order on the wallet front-end.
  2. Contributor submits KYC and is verified.
  3. The Contributor gets all the required information (through e-mail and wallet front-end) to send the bank transaction and sends it.
  4. The bank transaction is delivered to the receiver's account.
  5. The Client checks his bank account and sees that transaction was delivered.
  6. The Client opens the admin dashboard and goes to "Wires" section.
  7. The Client finds the corresponding order and changes its status to "Deposit Confirmed."
  8. Cron task on server monitors Wire Transfer orders and if there are any orders with "Deposit confirmed" status – then it commands to send tokens to the Contributor's address.
  9. Transaction mining (paid by the Client).
  10. Tokens are delivered to the Contributor's address.

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